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The Old School Greek Picnic is held annually in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was started in 1999 by a passionate group of Greeks that attended the original Greek Picnic in the 70's and early 80's. The event is currently held on Chamounix Drive in Fairmount Park in August. All Greeks, their families, and friends are invited! So bring your grills, children, and friends for a day dedicated to celebrating TRADITION, UNITY, AND FELLOWSHIP!

Charter Members

Andrea Allen                              Zeta Phi Beta

Barbara Cousar                         Zeta Phi Beta

Beatrice Hunt                            Zeta Phi Beta

Bill Walker Jr.                            Kappa Alpha Psi

Calvin C. Braxton                      Unknown

Celeste Selby                            Delta Sigma Theta

Charles Wilkins                         Phi Beta Sigma

Cynthia Burrows                       Zeta Phi Beta

Darlene B. Reed Beasley         Zeta Phi Beta

Diane Alston                             Zeta Phi Beta

Donna Holmes Lockett             Delta Sigma Theta

Drew Henderson                      Kappa Alpha Psi

Ed Montoute Jr.                        Iota Phi Theta

Elzena Robinson                      Delta Sigma Theta

Eric B. Garland                         Phi Beta Sigma

Erica Blake Washington           Alpha Kappa Alpha

Francenia Britton                      Gamma Sigma Sigma

George M. Scott                        Phi Beta Sigma

Glenda Cousar                          Zeta Phi Beta

Gwendolyn Small                      Gamma Sigma Sigma

James D. Marshall Jr.               Alpha Phi Alpha

James Davis                             Phi Beta Sigma

James Harris                            Alpha Phi Alpha

Joyce Adams                           Delta Sigma Theta

Karen Newsome                      Unknown

Karen Roberts                          Zeta Phi Beta

Kia Green                                 Delta Sigma Theta

Kimo S. Thomas                       Zeta Phi Beta

Latanga Rand                           Zeta Phi Beta

Lee W. Washington                  Kappa Alpha Psi

Mark Moxley                             Kappa Alpha Psi

Neil D. Reeves                         Phi Beta Sigma

Neil Reeves                              Phi Beta Sigma

Pamela A. Curry                       Zeta Phi Beta

Patricia Wynn-Mason               Zeta Phi Beta

Randy Johnson                        Phi Beta Sigma

Richard L. Snow                      Kappa Alpha Psi

Robin L. H. Garland                 Zeta Phi Beta

Sam Lewis                               Omega Psi Phi

Shante Dash                            Zeta Phi Beta

Steve Brinkley                         Groove Phi Groove

Tara L. Webb                           Zeta Phi Beta

Thomas Sutton                        Phi Beta Sigma

Tonya Sewell                            Alpha Kappa Alpha

Vance Warren                          Alpha Phi Alpha

Wanda Smith                           Zeta Phi Beta

Warren Hodge                         Omega Psi Phi



Michael Andrews

Gwen Brown

Eric Capers

Donna Capers

Laureto Farinas

Pam Ford

Jocelyn Geter

Doug Harrell

Mark Harrell

Drew Henderson

Kyna Kirkland

Earl Knight*

Andrea McEwen-Henderson

Douglas Morales

Renee Robinson

Leatrice Smith

Valerie G.C. Villines

Dave Washington

James Zellars


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